Rebonded Rubber

Rebonded Rubber is formed from pieces of high-quality rubber that is securely bonded
together with resin. It is highly resilient, will compress with little extrusion and recover 90%
of its original thickness. Rebonded Rubber is comprised of 97% post-industrial recycled
content and is made in the USA.

Rebonded Rubber is a very useful and accepted form of expansion joint filler. It can be used
and/or specified in almost all residential and commercial applications. Rebonded Rubber is
easily cut or trimmed on the jobsite, or if preferred, it can be ordered and delivered in job specific,
pre-cut pieces.

Rebonded Rubber meets the following specifications:

  • ASTM-D-1752, Type I
  • AASHTO-M-153-70, Type I
  • Fed. Spec. HH-F-341-F, Type II, Class A

Technical Data Sheet


Open Cell Sponge Rubber

Open Cell Sponge Rubber is a top-quality, blown sponge rubber product that is highly
flexible and produced to a uniform density and thickness. It is fully compressible, non-extruding
and recommended for use with virtually all polymer based joint sealants. Open Cell Sponge
is a concrete gray color which is perfect for color blend applications, and it is highly
resilient with excellent recovery characteristics. These qualities, and more, make Open Cell
Sponge Rubber
a preferred material in many applications including sewage treatment plants
and bridge structures.

Technical Data Sheet

Solid Neoprene Rubber Bearing Pads

(Available in Commercial Grade and AASHTO Grade)

Solid Neoprene Rubber Bearing Pads provide for movement caused by normal expansion and
contraction. They are used in many industrial machinery and heavy equipment applications.

AASHTO Grade Solid Neoprene Rubber Bearing Pads provide for a uniform transfer of load from
beam to structure. They permit rotation at the bearing point due to deflection or misalignment.
They absorb vibration and prevent sound transfer, while reducing the destructive action of
vibration between movable and stationary members. For example, AASHTO Grade Solid Neoprene
Rubber Bearing Pads are used extensively in bridge structures and prestressed and precast concrete buildings.

Technical Data Sheet (Commercial Grade)

Technical Data Sheet (AASHTO Grade)

Reflex® Rubber

Reflex® Rubber expansion joint material for concrete is a processed board product formed by
blending granular crumb rubber derived from discarded tires and various low density polymer
components. Reflex® Rubber is pre-molded under heat and pressure and is far more durable
than current alternatives.Reflex® Rubber is suitable for use as expansion or control joint in a
wide variety of concrete construction projects such as roadways, sidewalks, driveways, flooring,
parking lots, patios and curbs.

Reflex® Rubber is the GREEN option. Reflex® Rubber is made of 100% recycled materials!

Technical Data Sheet